Compliance Daily Control is the professional solution for "Know Your Customer" due diligence: a key tool to identify and assess the degree of risk - financial loss, legal or regulatory sanctions, damage to an organization's reputation - associated with the failure to comply with laws, regulations, standards and codes of conduct.

SGR COMPLIANCE is a Swiss independent company, headquartered in Lugano, leader in compliance, anti-money laundering and whistleblowing services. It provides advisory services to an international institutional clientele, banks, financial and multinational companies.

SGR Compliance offers the high-quality expertise of its employees and associates, thus transferring to customers the required professional skills and knowledge.

SGR COMPLIANCE is registered at the Federal Institute for data protection of Switzerland.

Anti Money Laundering Lists

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Italian Anti-money laundering list
Suspended financial promoters
SGR™ PIL - Italian Politicians
Illegal Gambling Websites List
PEP Target Italy™
PEP Target WorldWide™
SGR™ Sanction List
Legal Enforcement (warning list)